Device Audit Service


With Bigfix’s Device Audit Services, get the support of our extensively scouted gig worker network to audit the required devices based on the compliances laid out by you in a hassle free manner. Our services can be identified here as a 'tech-driven task fulfillment platform'​ that connects companies like yours with pre-screened deployable gig workers for device audit support.

Our work-pool includes semi-skilled workers who can be deployed on an hourly, daily, or seasonal basis. They can complement your workforce strategy by being flexible, reliable, skilled, and professional, whether employed regularly or intermittently, for one-time use or weeks-long engagements.

Our user-friendly web application coordinates the delivery of task-specific training and automated task reporting, saving time, money, and effort while ensuring the elimination of unnecessary chores.

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How We Work

Our enhanced web application supports our clients through the process of Device Audit Services, starting from digital audit management for clients through our robust web based applications and

Our clients on following these three simple steps gain to benefit the optimum results


Upload your audit orders

After onboarding with Bigfix, our clients are provided access to our advanced and robust web based application, where clients can upload their audit leads that require necessary gig workers, either on individual basis or on bulk basis (i.e excel sheet).


Track your order status

Our dynamic application keeps you updated with order statuses through instantaneous mail and sms notifications to our clients and the customers of our clients.

Clients can also monitor the device as it traverses to each 'status' bucket, view and download the required documentation.


Pay and view order analytics

Our top of the line security protocols ensure that your payment is done instantaneously through payment gateway services.

Clients also benefit from the detailed reports generated by our state of the art analytics engine, which helps you to draw crucial business insights to make the right step forward.

Our Objective

  • We believe that our Device Audit support services allow organizations to focus more on other aspects of their business that would nourish positive growth.
  • We believe that we can simplify the industry for the benefit of both our clients and their clients.
  • With the growing gig economy knocking the doors of many organizations, our services ensure that organizations do not have to worry about staffing and maintaining a team for all of their installation services.