Brand Warranty Management Service


Warranties can be difficult for an OEM to manage. Any product manufacturer or seller, whether aimed at consumers or businesses, not only sells the physical asset, but also frequently provides some level of assurance about the product's long-term performance to the buyer. This is known as a manufacturer's warranty in the industry.

Warranty support management is critical to customer retention because your customers rely on you as an OEM to provide the best after-sales support. Warrantify recognises the gravity of your situation and provides the best technicians and cutting-edge technology to provide immediate support to your customers, protecting your interests and assisting with customer retention and brand value.

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How We Work

Warranty Support Services, starting from digital repair management for clients and their customers through our robust web based applications and

Our clients on following these simple steps gain to benefit the optimum results

Avail Affinity Insurance Plan

Brands can obtain and attach affinity policies as basic and extended warranties from Assurify, which is supported by major insurance carriers.


Upload your repair orders

After onboarding with Bigfix, our clients are provided access to our advanced and robust web based application, where clients can upload their repair leads for warranty support either on individual basis or on bulk basis i.e excel sheet.


Track your order status

Our dynamic application keeps you updated with order statuses through instantaneous mail and sms notifications to our clients and the customers of our clients.

Clients can also monitor the device as it traverses to each 'status' bucket, view and download the required documentation.


Pay and view order analytics

Our top of the line security protocols ensure that your payment is done instantaneously through payment gateway services.

Clients also benefit from the detailed reports generated by our state of the art analytics engine, which helps you to draw crucial business insights to make the right step forward.

Our Objective

  • The need for warranty fulfillment support plays a crucial role in customer retention which is pivotal for small scaled OEMs and insure-tech organizations.
  • We've removed the barriers to give our clients the seamless experiences they want, from simple terminology to rapid payments.
  • We believe that the industry can be simplified for the benefit of both our clients and their clients.